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We are in the era of millennials, and no matter where you look; the chances are that they are the majority. By the close of 2021, there were more than 1.8 billion millennials on the globe, approximately 23% of the world’s population. In business, millennials also form a big portion of the workforce, but concerns have been raised by employers, with some accusing them of being lazy and detached from their work. 

The arguments against millennials are not founded, and all that you need is to appreciate that it is a new generation and comes with a different set of working styles. As we found out during the COVID-19 era, it is still possible to achieve a lot when employees are provided with greater flexibility. Keep reading for expert insights on how to make millennials your pillar for business success. 

adrian cheng

Important Facts and Trends about Millennials 

  • By 2025, millennials are expected to represent 75% of the total global workforce. 
  • 65% of millennials in the workplace are employed on a full-time basis. 
  • China has 351 millennials, the largest number in the whole world. 
  • 39% of millennials between the age of 25 and 37 have a bachelors or higher degree. 
  • 26% of millennials have two or more jobs. 
  • 21% of millennials have changed their jobs in the last year. 

Traits that Make Millennials the Best for Your Company

The trends we have highlighted above demonstrate that millennials are about to increase in most workplaces. Indeed, they are also going to take over the positions of leadership, which is likely to alter how most companies operate.

Therefore, it is crucial to try and understand the millennials and learn how to optimize their skills for better returns. 

 Here are some important traits of millennials that you should look to and leverage for better the performance of your company. 

They Love Working Remotely

As companies navigate the new post-COVID-19 era, one of the lessons told and retold pretty often is the importance of being able to operate remotely and flexibly. While many companies and older generations struggle to work remotely, millennials find it pretty easy.

They fancy flexibility and can work from anywhere and deliver the results you want. So, whether you want to ingrain this operation model or your company or work with global teams, millennials can help to achieve the targeted results. 

Millennials have the skills, goodwill, energy, and commitment to help your company achieve its goal. They stop at nothing in getting the targeted results. Therefore, you should embrace and support them to take your company to the next level.

According to Adrian Cheng, the General Manager of New World Development in Hong Kong, millennials are not interested in maintaining the status quo, but evolving rapidly with the new trends to always get better results. This is the focus that has made New World Development and his K11 brand very successful.

Millennials Do Not Shy From Testing New Things 

To succeed in any company, you have to adopt a culture of progressive improvement. The designs of your product and strategies have to improve over time to stay ahead of the competition. The benefit of working with millennials is that they do not shy from testing new things.

Therefore, it will be easy to identify flaws, prepare new products, and make adjustments to rhyme with shifting customer needs. 

They are Tech-Driven 

Another attribute of millennials that you should harness is their strong attachment to technology. Today, most customers are also attached to their tech-devices, from smartphones to tablets, which they use to source information.

The tech gadgets help them make the decision on what to buy. A customer who wants to buy a piece of art will read the review, check the origin, and compare with others online before making the decision to buy or not. 

Millennials can help you to easily attract and build a large community around your brand or service. They are flexible, meaning that whether you want to engage clients at night, on weekends or other times, it is easy to achieve the pre-set goals. Remember that they also love to improve their skills, which means they will always handle the customers better.