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The primary objective of entrepreneurs is growing their ventures into respected and profitable multinationals.

But achieving this requires a lot of commitment, effort, and strategizing. More importantly, you need to incorporate your business in a jurisdiction that will help it to grow faster. 

One jurisdiction that stands out because of its high-potential is Hong Kong. For more than a decade, Hong Kong has been hailed as one of the freest economies in the globe.

So, if you want to take advantage of this high potential jurisdiction, you need to start by incorporating your company. Here are the three simple steps to incorporating a company in Hong Kong

Step One: Identify a Good Agency 

The process of registering a company in Hong Kong is guided by the Companies Ordinance. One of the most notable things about this law is that it allows you to register a company using an agency

Start by identifying a company registration agency with demonstrated experience in helping enterprises to join the Hong Kong market.

You can do this by asking the selected agency to demonstrate it has qualified staff and that it is fully committed to helping you succeed. You might also want to check some feedback from previous clients. 

How to register a company in hong kong

Step Two: Submit the Needed Documents 

Once you have a good agency, the process of registering your company has now started. The next step is providing the agency with the necessary documents such as photocopies of directors’ passports, and suggested name for your company.

Indeed, if you find it difficult to prepare some documents such as the articles of association, and memorandum of understanding, the agency’s experts will be there to help you. 

One thing you need to note about company registration in Hong Kong is that you MUST have 2 very crucial things: a company secretary, and a company address.

Indeed, getting these two items can be complicated when you are registering a company on your own. But you need not to worry here because the agency will serve as your company secretary and address. 

Step Three: Collect Your Certificate of Incorporation 

Armed with all the documents, the agency will submit them to the company registry so that the process is completed fast. The registration process will take about 14 days for the registration to be processed.

Then, the certificate of incorporation will be sent to you. That is it – your company is now ready to start its operations. 

If you want to take your company to Hong Kong, the most straightforward method is using an agency. It is very fast, and you do not even have to fly to Hong Kong to deliver the registration documents to the registry.

Remember that when you select a good agency, it will not simply help you to get a certificate of incorporation.

Rather, the agency will walk with you to ensure you get it right, especially in the early period of your company operations in Hong Kong. To be successful from the beginning to the end when taking your business offshore, ensure to have an agency expert for help.