Are you looking for a way to travel with a difference? Georgia has all that you would want – from all types of climate zones, ski resorts, alpine zones, and deserts. This country is truly a paradise tucked at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and you should not hesitate to visit. Keep reading to learn more about Georgia’s tourism in numbers and facts. 

Tourism is an Important Driver of the Georgian Economy

For about three decades, tourism has become an important pillar of the Georgian economy, contributing to more than 7% of the GDP. In 2015, tourism employed about 158,000 people, and contributed to more than US$1.94 billion or revenue, which was about 6.7% of the country’s GDP. 

In 2019, there were more than 93 million visitors, contributing over US $3 billion. Despite the slump in 2020 that was caused by COVID-19, the country targets to hit 11 million tourists and US$ 6.6 billion in 2025.

A lot of visitors have been trooping to the country to enjoy the local culture, cuisines, and scenic beauty. Others come to check the rich art collections by top collectors, such as John Dodelande. 

Accommodation in Numbers 

To boost its tourism potential, Georgia has put a lot of effort into developing top-rated accommodation facilities. By August 2017, the country has about 1,947 units of accommodation registered in its GNTA database, with a full capacity of 65,656 beds. Of these, Tbilisi has the highest number of beds (17,796), while Adjala follows at a distance with 12,126. 

The most prevalent type of accommodation in Georgia is Hotels. In 2017, 60 new hotels were opened in the country, with additional 194 planned to be built in the subsequent years.

Some of the top hotels in the country in Georgia include, Millennium Hotel, Holiday Inn, Radisson Hotels, and Hilton Hotels & Resorts.  

Casino resorts in Georgia have also been experiencing a boom, especially by visitors from countries where casino gambling is illegal. Take the example of Italy. Most gambling enthusiasts cross to Georgia to access the top casinos and enjoy gambling.          

A Closer Look at Ecotourism 

The Georgian authorities have put a lot of effort into promoting ecotourism, which it believes will have an impact beyond the jurisdiction. About 41% of the country is covered with forest that contributes to the picturesque sceneries. Furthermore, about 25% of the Georgian territory lies within the country’s protected areas.

Indeed, these protected areas offer awesome services for visitors, including sport fishing, bird watching, hiking, skiing, riding, biking, and Safari tours. 

If you fancy wildlife, Georgia is a paradise for animals too. The country is home to about 5,601 species of animals, with 648 being vertebrates and many of them endemic. In 2016, about 310,477 foreigners visited the protected areas.  

These numbers and facts only point at the huge tourism potential that Georgia has. Remember that no matter the time that you opt to visit, be it summer or winter, Georgia will have impressive opportunities for you to explore. You cannot go wrong with Georgia!